ebookcoverAre you looking for a good, reasonably priced web designer and aren’t sure what pitfalls to look out for? Are you wondering what questions to ask and/or how much you should pay a web designer for your desired website?

I’m here to help you navigate through the myriad of options and choose what will best suit your needs. I have been a web designer and developer for over 6 years and thanks so many of my clients who’ve come to me bewildered, burned by previous developers and just lost; you won’t have to be one of them. Yes, you can thank those who have suffered so you now don’t have to. 

With this free 10 page eBook you’ll learn everything you need to know before you make your hiring decision. Websites don’t come cheap, and who has that kind of time or money to waste? It can save you thousands of dollars and months or even years of wasted time.

Just fill out this simple form and you will immediately receive the book in your inbox. We ask for this information because if we ever have any additional material that will help you in this journey, we don’t want you to miss out. Once you have a website, the journey will never end. We also invite you to visit our blog for weekly advice. 

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