Top 6 Strategies That You Can’t-Miss Out While Working On Local SEO

When it comes to brand promotions for smaller businesses, local SEO is the approach that they can’t miss out. With local SEO, the concentration can be in prioritizing the appearance of the brand on SERPs in any specific location. With this approach, the focus of the local SEO service in Miami can be on conducting the marketing of the brand and services to local leads and customers.

With better approaches of local SEO, the concentration could be given on more website traffic and increasing conversions as the strategy will be bringing the local customer base towards your brand. With the approach of local SEO, you can work on optimizing the broader keywords rather focusing on value propositions. But for an effective and successful local SEO approach, you need to work on the right strategies. Here are the most important aspects that you need to cover in your local SEO approach:

Create And Optimize Google My Business Account

To begin your local SEO approach, work on claiming your business on Google My Business. This will help you establish the presence of your business on the search engine, and this will make your business visible on Google Maps. This will not only make your business visible on Google searches but will also make your business authenticated as legitimate by Google.

Optimize For Voice Search

It can be seen that the concept of voice search is widely accepted and in the coming years, it is expected to grow more. This makes it necessary for the SEO strategists to optimize their strategy with the voice search. This means that more work has to be done on the long-tail keywords, which people mostly use on the voice searches as compared to the regular search. This means that the local SEO approach should be designed in a way that could fit with a more conversational tone.

Online Directories And Citations

When it comes to local searches, it becomes highly important to get your business listed on the local business directories. This makes it important that you get your business listed consistently and correctly on the top online business directories that include Yelp, City Search, and Merchant Circle. You need to keep seeking the respectable local directories for getting the business listed on it. Make sure you update the correct information about the business that includes business name, address, and phone number.

Encourage Online User Reviews

The customer segment has gone really advanced these days. Before choosing any service, they look at the online reviews to find if the company has satisfied a sufficient amount of customers and is reliable or not. Reviews can be considered as the social proof of the performance of the company. Thus, this claims that having the customers’ reviews for your website is very important in local SEO. The clients will give the first look to the business that has more reviews and would then judge if the services if worth counting on.

High-Quality Backlinks

When it comes to local SEO, the focus remains on the content of creating high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites that will support your business in providing an enormous boost in rankings. This is something that will help you a lot in increasing the referral traffic while you work on building the reputation of your business with Google. Just like the reviews, the backlinks are added evidence for Google so that it sees your business as a legitimate one. Here, you can also work on trying to get the attention of the local news and publications for better promotions.

Optimize The Website For Mobile

The time has gone mobile-oriented and peoples these days only look for everything on their mobile phones. Everything a person wants to search about he’ll search on the phone. Mobile visits to the websites have been growing at a fast pace. This clear symbolizes that the local SEO service in Miami should work on optimizing the websites to be easily and properly visible on mobile phones. Definitely, these days, people don’t have much time to sit on the desktop to search for different aspects. This is where the mobile seems to be a feasible option to search for the services online.

The local SEO is something no business can skip when they want to create an impression among the local customers. Definitely, the marketing of any business starts locally. So with the right strategies of local SEO, the marketers can work on promoting their businesses by reaching out to the local clients and work on better lead generation.

10 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Too Effective To Be Ignored

Digital marketing trends evolve with each other, and this makes it important for marketers to be aware of the ongoing changes. Knowing about the changing patterns of digital marketing helps in adapting according to the emerging technologies that help them to stay ahead of the market. It is through which they’ll acquire the competitive edge in the market, generate more leads, and will work on improving their relationships with the customers. Thus for any digital marketing agency in South Florida, it becomes very necessary to focus on these digital marketing trends.

We’ve realized the importance of maintaining pace with the changing digital marketing trends. The next step is to know the digital marketing trends which are must to follow.

1. Voice Search

Statistics show that by 2020, 50% of the queries will be voice-based. This clearly shows the trend of voice search it’s going a long way ahead. This makes it essential for businesses to work on their outreach efforts regarding the use of voice engine optimization. This is where the marketers need to start working with more natural language SEO for creative the content accordingly.

2. Chatbots

The digital marketing trend now calls for a way for smarter chat, and this is where the concept of Chatbots is becoming famous. It is a great means of improving customer experience by engaging them in a better and quick way. This is how the customers would feel that your services are always open for them, and you are ever ready to assist them regarding any problems.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Ads created on the basis of augmented reality are getting most of the attention of the people nowadays. It had emerged as a way through which the static environment can be used in a way to provide a more realistic experience of the audience. This is how any product or offers could be integrated with the reality of the buyer. Thus, if the buyers find that the product he/she is buying suits well, then that product will surely be purchased. These trending technologies are becoming a part of the digital marketing strategy and thus needs to be adopted for better promotions.

4. Live Videos and Stories

In recent years, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have come up with a way through which live content could be promoted in a fast way. Live streaming content proves to be effective because of the fact that it takes a short time for creating and also offers real-time user engagement. The best things about live videos and stories are that the viewers can use your content according to your time, not theirs.

5. Email Marketing for Engagement

Email marketing has gone a lot smarter than simply sending and waiting for emails. It’s time that the marketers from the best digital marketing agency in South Florida should start caring about sending emails to the subscribers who are active in their mailing list. But that not a random mail to be sent. You need to divide the users into the segments and then send the mail accordingly. Along with this, you do not have to write any lengthy mails; just a short and catchy email will work. Make sure to give special attention to the subject section as people will only open the mail if they find it to be urgent or interesting.

6. Rich Lead Profiling

For different companies which gives more focus to collecting and managing the complex data for their leads, the aspect of data enrichment. It is in this segment that the marketers use the factor data enrichment through which they can reveal more details regarding their leads and work on personalizing their approach for contacting the leads. The main benefit of data enrichment is that it helps in removing the wrong or inappropriate information which the companies might have regarding their leads, like the phone number, email, or the address.

7. Content Personalization

One size fits all doesn’t work well with the content. All the businesses are different, and thus, they seek a different pattern of content that suits their business requirements. This invokes the need that the digital marketers these days should focus on providing the clients with the personalized content, ensuring that each client is getting the type of content that they expect. The content through which a brand promotes itself can influence the users a lot. Thus, content personalization is something that should be taken care of these days.

For promoting any brand, it is essential to focus on building a strong digital marketing strategy, and this is why the digital marketing agency should focus on all the above-mentioned trends. Following these trends could bring the pace to brand promotion for any business in no time.

Amazing Approaches That Web Development Companies Follows In 2019

The evolution in the technology is going on at an unprecedented pace and with every dawn, comes some novel approaches through which more advancement are achieved in the technological domain. This is why the businesses are compelled to keep adapting according to the speed of growth. And this becomes a prominent factor why the web development companies in Miami, seek for some good and effective approaches through which the designing and development pattern can be improved.

People these days are going digital, which means whatever they would need to know, they can find it through web apps and mobile apps. The new approaches and techniques for web designing and development are not the only factor in the current sensitivities, but all of these are also likely to change in the coming times. Thus, it becomes essential for the web designing companies these days to follow the trending approaches to create a difference in 2019. Here are some of the approaches that are becoming the hottest trend in web designing and development:

Mobile-First Inclination

Earlier, the developers concentrated on the practices through which the desktop-based websites can be created and enhanced, but now that approach doesn’t hold good any longer. This is due to the fact that most of the web users are now accessing the websites on mobile phones. This is the reasons that more and more people are considering the development of the mobile versions of their web apps so that it can be easily accessed by the users on mobile phones. The golden rule here remains on the fact to work more and more on the maximization of performance on the mobile devices.

Data First Development

DFD is a name given to a technique that helps in knitting the present tools and techniques in a way through which different types of multi-tier, distributed applications can be made, which will be backed by data. This approach, followed by web development companies in Miami focuses on building the websites from scratch, laying the foundation, and then building the model structure. In this approach, the main takeaway remains on isolating your generated code, keeping it completely separated from the rest of the application code.

Agile Software Development Methods

Agility can be defined as an ability to adapt quick changes, going in accordance with the newer technologies when needed. Similarly, the agile software development methods related to the different practices in which the focus remains on the adaptability of the process along with enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering the software models at a fast pace. In such methods, the development process is broken into different smaller tasks which bring down the complexities and the time frame. The team of experts handles each task in a way that all the processes are successfully completed before time, and they assembled to have a full-fledged functional website.

One-Click Sign-in

This approach, followed by most of the developers these days is to override the frequent login issues that could kill the user experience and will ultimately bring down the conversion rates. Thus, it could be a big put-off for your business. To overcome this issue, the web developers these days are going for the approach of One-Click sign-in through which the people just have to enter the username or the email address which will easily pull out the search results matching to the inputs to an existing user account. This helps in reducing the typing need as by just typing only a few letters of the name or email will pull out the account details quickly.

Minimalist Designs

Websites with minimalist designs have the advantage of fast loading and offer the same user experience for both desktop and mobile users. These designs are also rich in SEO content, along with being very much futuristic as they have quite fewer speed issues that can occur in terms of search engines. This aspect of the minimalist design is also known as flat designs, which basically mean to keep the clutter to a bare minimum and are only effective in terms of the main aspects of the website.


AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML are the popular set of techniques which come-together in terms of web-designing. These are all effectively used for the purpose of creating a unique and powerful strategy of web designing and development. AJAX is completely different from the traditional methods of web designing and allows asynchronous user-interaction by placing an AJAX engine between the website server and the user.

When you are approaching towards acquiring the services for web development, it is important that you should be having some idea about it so that you can pick the right service accordingly. So, before choosing from the web development companies in Miami verify if it is following these trending approaches or not.

12 Research-Backeded Web Design Tips: Design That Works

Nowadays, it is easy to see the number of visitors on a website. Every marketer knows how much traffic is getting attracted to the website – and you can see it as well by using Analytics. But, the creative part comes next. So, giving advice for driving traffic is easy, but when it comes to web design tips – things can be a bit challenging. This is because there are so many factors involved in web design that capturing everything on one website is nearly impossible. Even some the best site covers a few factors from the complete list.

Here is a list of 12 top-ranked design tips for generating more value from every single visitor. Most of these tips are backed by thorough research and can be even used by beginners, small business, and big enterprise. By using the tips, you can make your website beautiful, and convert visitors and get more value from everyone of those hard-earned visitors.

1.  Visual Hierarchy: First thing first, every page has a visual hierarchy. Do you know about it? A visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement, size, color, and contrast of visual elements. So, it is used to determine the relative prominence and the other in which the human eye sees them. A web designer uses visual hierarchy in a way to guide a visitor’s attention to important element first. This website layout might include the position, for example, high or low on the page, it an include – sizes which can be big or small, visual for example video, images, icons and contrast( the color and white space). By simply combining the aspects multiplies their effects, for example, everywhere you can see a massive video high on the page. The visual hierarchy is the reason why your eyes follow a certain path on every page you visit on the internet. You can use visual hierarchy to guide visitor’s attention through a series of a message which can be a call to action as well.

2.  Focused Headlines: Next tip is about using headline on the top of the homepage. The headline on the page should be descriptive so that visitors quickly know that they are in the right place. It also allows using an essential target phrase which indicates relevance. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers write something bright, but it becomes vague – so clear is always better than clever.

3.  Call to Action: Perhaps your visitors may spending more time on the website by it doesn’t mean they are ready to take actions. Therefore a lot of persuasions happen in farther down the page. It is highly recommended to put the call to action farther down the page where its interest is likely to be high.

Web design Companies in South Florida

4.   Tall Pages: You might want to answer the question, perhaps address objection or add supportive evidence. In case the visitors do not find an answer to an important question, then they will keep moving down the page. So, once they are satisfied, they will stop reading. The problem with the short page is that it does not answer many questions. On the other hand, a tall page can address everything.

5.   One Thing at a Time: Whether you go for a modern design or a professional one – no one like clutter. People like whitespace and low visual complexity. The role of visual complexity and prototypically works towards understanding aesthetic judgments.

6.   Standard Layout: Believe it or not but high prototypically also correlates with perceived beauty. So, in other words, weird is not usually pretty. It is important that your website follows standards – it will help your visitors to think well about your brand. A standard layout includes:-

a.    Logo on the top

b.    Horizontal navigation

c.     A search bar at the top

d.    Social icons at the bottom

e.    Mobile responsive design

7.   False Bottom: One factor to beware of is – false bottom. Modern marketing websites, especially the sale pages, are now built with page block. They have rows of content and often an image on one side and text on other and the page kind of flows down to a single column. This template is called a lead generation layout. To be safe, be deliberate when selecting background colors for page blocks.

8.   Avoid Rotating Sliders: The carousels and rotating slider have been popular for years- millions of people love them but, the problem is with homepage slideshow. Most of the time, only one slide is visible on the homepage. So, what to do instead?

a. Stack the slides, so that visitors can easily see each slide by a simple scrolling down the page.

b. Use a featured image and keep the most impactful slide as the cover

c. Provide a call to action

9.   Avoid Tabs: Another way to take things out of hiding is simply by avoiding tabs – you can make content more visible by keeping them all exposed. The thing to remember here is that scrolling is faster and easier than clicking.

10. Use People Pictures: Faces can be a part of uniquely powerful imagery. This is because, from the time we are born, we gaze at faces more than anything else. Every look as a magnetic power that can be useful in web designing. Millions of marketers use their pictures to connect with their visitors.

11. Avoid Stock Photos: Traditionally stock photos where trending, but today it is better to avoid the stocks by rather you can go for photographs of real people.

12. Use Visual Cues: You can use faces to guide the attention- you can also use hands and arrows to give more insights to the visitor’s attention.

The Bottom Line

As discussed earlier, including all the factors in one website is nearly impossible. But, you can use the tips to make your website attractive, informative, and catchy. Another important factor to include is careful linking. Linking is the latest trend, and it can increase your page visibility and domain authority. With careful linking, you can help the visitor to reach their goals.  

9 Free Tips To Design Your Perfect Business Logo

Designing a logo can be an overwhelming experience; on the other hand, it can take quite a number of hours and energy to create a perfect logo.  Do you agree? A sound logo can bring forward a dramatic change in business and how your client connects to it? In the end, how the customer interacts with your business, aka User experience is all that matters for running a successful business.

Logo designing and creating is a simple process – draw a circle and put your business or company name – that is it! But, you and I both know that it is not that simple. Unfortunately, you are not going like the logo, which is not impactful or connects easily to your customer base. There are quite a lot of people that can design a logo nowadays. Logo design industry today is making crappy logos in bulk just for crowd sourcing sites. So, knowing and selecting from a crowd of Logo design services in Miami is crucial. Here, check out nine solid tips to get the best services and a perfect logo for your business. So, here we go!

1. Use a Visual Double: Some of the outstanding logos in the world utilize a secret technique named as visual double.  A visual double is a fancy way to say that a logo has two pictures wrapped into one – that make a clever interpretation of a concept of business or business idea, for example, the logo of Amazon. The logo strength comes from its simplicity – Amazon uses an arrow pointing from A to Z, which describe itself that Amazing offers everything you could need.

 2. Color Is Vitally Important: Another most important consideration for a logo design is the color palette. Many businesses overlook the importance of color – but color carries meaning and communicates ideas. Some logo has to be careful with the colors while others have the freedom to explore. The color grabs the customer and pulls it toward your business. That being said, remember that a good logo is versatile and functional.

3. Avoid the Cliche: So, every now and then you might come across new trending which might suggest you to jump on just to keep with the times. It is highly recommended to study logo design before recreating your old logo design. You should know what is good or bad about a logo. Remember the basic archetype is used again and again in a logo so why not to design that can be actually useful?

4. Make It Ownable: If you don’t believe in making a logo ‘ownable’ is for real then perhaps it’s time to change a bit. Nevertheless, the concept is definitely important but you can use a little bit of marketing as well. Rather just following the hear or using a cliché design – you can strive for something really unique, for example, the logo of “Ever note”. It is really just an elephant head – nothing unique there however, how it’s truck curl and page fold in the ear makes it instantly recognizable.

5. The Custom Type: Everyone loves custom type logos. Customization gives your logo a unique feel. Most of the time, logo design is simply a company’s name in amazing fonts. Custom type helps to ensure that your uniqueness stays as it is. The low-life designer can rip-off your uniqueness within seconds, and custom logo requires some real-skills, for example, the awesome Coca-cola logo.

6. Keep it Simple: One of the essential and mostly overlook is – keeping it simple. Not everyone can make a beautiful logo, and just because you are a designer, it doesn’t mean that you’re an awesome illustration as well. But, fear not in such cases remembers three golden words- keep it simple, for example, the logo of Nike.

7. Consider Proportion and Symmetry: As discussed earlier, making a logo can overwhelm anyone. To put in other words it is easy to get carried away with the design.

8. The Negative Space:  Along the same line of visual double, there is another trick called the use of negative space. One of an industry-standard example of this technique can be seen in FedEx logo. Many people see the FedEx logo daily yet they never see the arrow.

9. Passive vs. Active: Lastly, on the amazing facet of the logo design is the concept of instilling motion or a sense of activity into a logo. It is not always appropriate, for example, apple logo but sometimes it can really give your logo the boost it needs, for example, the Twitter logo.

The Bottom Line

In every good logo, there is a story which is far beyond a sketch. Strong logos are filled with meaning both hidden and obvious. Now you can use these logo tips for designing your own logo.

6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

Search Engine Marketing is an internal part of content optimization strategies. SEO or search engine optimization is essential. You have to optimize so that you can provide the best user experience. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world face challenges when it comes to SEO. Often the factors of optimization are overlooked, and SEO is performed without taking the audience into account.

It is a bit tricky to perform SEO since the target audience differs from one blog to another.  It is essential to perform ‘ blog engineering,’ and to deploy the optimization steps. Here is a list of tip and tricks. You can use these tricks while performing optimization.

Quick Tip: It is virtually impossible to hit all the factors in one blog post. It is highly recommended to choose a list of factor and then implement the chosen one.

Here is a list:-

1. Know Your Audience: First thing first, you have to get your niche and your audience correct. This is exactly where many people fail since it is not an easy step to take. When you start first, it is tough for sure. In such case always encourage a niche that increases interaction between yourself and your audience. Always, have a call-to-action for your readers. Make comment with suggestion and give opinions and take user experience to the next level. What is the importance of this step? If you can really foster the culture that involves the audience, then it will help you in the long run, and your reader will also feel appreciated. On a special occasion, you can include a survey, to not be pushy or sound “salesy.” Your audience is willing to give you their time, and this means you should not waste it on meaningless self-promotion. To put in other words, do the stuff that your audience cares about.

2. Optimize Loading Time: Next on the list is yet another one of the commonly overlooked a factor – The loading speed. You have to optimize your loading time or die alone. This is especially for blog owners and writers. Since they aren’t tech-savvy – it is easy to miss out on this factor. You should always optimize your blog loading time and design so that it looks perfect on mobile devices as well as on computer/laptops. As per a report from Amazon, they saw an increase in revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improved loading time. Why is not too hard now? This is because they are a lot of plug-in and third-party services that can help you increase the Page Speed. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to understand where the majority of your audience is located. Nowadays, you can easily find a lot about your target demographic by merely using Google Analytics.  It is a fact that more than 80% of the user now navigates online using a smart phone on day to day basis, and again, your website plug-in should be optimized for the traffic.

3. Make It Simple and Easy: So, there is a bunch of awesome plug-in that can really help you. You can use them as tools to in this SEO adventure and no-doubt they will definitely help you to implement good on-page SEO practices. Here is a list of features; if your plug-in supports them, then it is the plug-in that is going to save your life.

a. Focus Keywords:  You can optimize the keywords for your page. This feature will allow you to check your content thoroughly. And, will make sure that there are enough keywords and on the right location. 

b. Keyword Density: This shows the number of time a search item shows up in text in relation to the number of words it contains.

c. Categories: It allows you to select the main and/or the sub-categories.

4. User Experience: Yes, it matters, and it’s the only thing that matters. Keyword research is essential, and it doesn’t end here. The next thing which is quite remarkable is that you should be aware of modern search engine algorithms. Nowadays, they are turning more and more toward user experience. To put, in other words, Google is looking more into how long visitors actually stay on a blog page.  And, on the other hand, how many pages they go through. In a nutshell, this means the whole process is much more natural and easier nowadays.

5. Long-Tail Keywords: Everyone knows about the story of long tail keywords. There are more specific and longer sentence than the length of commonly used keywords. Here is an example, in case you are writing an article, and you have to include a keywords “car insurance” then try to build your keyword as “cheap car insurance near me”.  This is easy and relatively simple if you know your niche and your audience.

6. Write Comfortably: Last, but not least, your writing style should be suited to your audience. More importantly, it should be something that you are comfortable with. Knowing your limitation helps, and you can always work around them. When you improvise to adapt the changing style with ease, it gives more power to you. Remember, brevity is the key.

The Bottom Line

So, in case you want to be a fantastic blog writer then you here is one sacred rule for you that you must follow – It is not about you, everything is about your audience.  Sometimes it can be a bit technical too and performing SEO could be a tedious task but attracts the user, and you can easily get super fresh remarkable page view. Lastly, remember the word ‘quality.’

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Branding

Attracting customer to a brand is essential for any business. How to attract more customers? Well, this question has gone through a long debate in the marketing industry. Getting new customers is one of the most frustrating parts of a business. Also, for a business owner is a hard challenge to overcome. In a case, where you are a doctor then you need not search for new patients, they come to you. But, this is not the case for most of the businesses. Identifying and capturing new customer is an undeniably tiring task. There are millions of entrepreneurs that start their business because they love the work they do. They do not do it because of fancy selling and business development. Unfortunately, your business won’t survive if you are not good at attracting new customers.

Here is how you can set goals:

  1. Set Goals

It is essential to set goals in any business. So, though it may seem like a draining task but it can actually motivate you. Given below is list on how to set business goals:-

  • Write down your goals.
  • Analyze each point.
  • Determine the feasibility.
  • Prioritize the goals on the list
  • Start with short-term goals

2. Know Your Customers

Succeeding in the cut-throat market is not easy if you do not know who your customers are, before making any plan develop buyer’s persona. Make this persona as a buyer profile of your ideal customer. Almost every marketer relies on this information. Creating a buyer persona allow you to improve their targeting.

3. Understand the buying process

Next, one of the essential things to make sure is to know how your customer reaches to purchase your products. Once you understand this, then you can quickly pinpoint where you are lacking. Here, a list of question to ask:-

  • How would your customer find your website?
  • Would you promote your website using Social Media or other platforms?
  • What your landing page will look like?
  • What type of content would you go for?
  • Would you require support from Media Company?

4. Employ Talented Staff

Talented employees make a great business. There is no secret here; one good employee will help your company to get more than 10 customers. Unfortunately, a bad one can drive away that 10 customers and then would have to hire more employees to regain the lost customers. Moreover, if you have skilled employees, then he/she can single-handedly achieve the goals. So make sure you find the right employees. Here is what you should do:-

  • Analyze industry reports
  • Analyze Search engine Marketing strategy and website
  • Measure your strength and weakness
  • Analyze their content marketing strategy

The quality of your website will govern how many customers come back to for another purchase. All website owners must ask this question “is the quality of my site good”? There is millions of website on the internet, and most of the website has flaws, and it is mainly due to the lack of quality resources. Next, the ease of use of your website plays an integral part, more than a thousand website go offline every day. So, the main aim here is to identify and to find the correct message to convey to the user. Also, you should help them to purchase through your website. You can use different tools to increase your website’s usability.

5. Social Media

The world of social media is changing quickly. Since it is one place where your customers are more active, it is essential that you take the help of a media company in influencing your customer base. When you use social media platforms in the right way, then it allows getting your brand in front of your audience within a short time. There are a plethora of media companies that can help you build your brand on these platforms. Here is how you can reach your customer using social media:-

  • Identify the social platform actively used by your customers
  • Create company profiles on the social networking website
  • Post engaging content related to your business
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Listen and respond to feedbacks

6. Making Compelling Content

Using strategy is one thing, but along with it, you would also require strong content. Most of the time, poor content is one of the major causes of business failure. To excel in your content, you have to develop a technique that would work with every niche. Here are a few tips to follow:-

  • Make sure you always choose a topic that is relevant to your audience
  • Before you write the content makes, brainstorm the value it will provide
  • You can incorporate forgotten facts and trends to create a nostalgic effect

7. A Quarterly Strategy

 It is important to formulate a strategy to use all your resource. A quarterly strategy will give you enough time to track your progress and so that you won’t feel overwhelmed. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to stick to your plan.


Attracting a new customer is not easy, even for a big brand. But, with proper strategy and streamline execution, you can easily attract clients and keep them coming back. Target the right prospect and offer them useful information and entertaining content.

Successful Business Card: 7 FSM Tips

Business cards are the spice of life! Sorry too much coffee. Maybe they’re not the spice of life but what they are is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business. A business card legitimizes your company’s image, it gives potential customers your contact info in an aesthetically pleasing way and it can be your one chance to really impress someone.

That’s why poorly designed and printed business cards can actually harm your business. If I had 2 business cards for an air conditioning service and one card has simple contact info while the other has a well designed logo and visually stimulating image (breezy beach or snow flakes for example), we all know who I’m contacting first.

I have compiled a list of 7 important tips for designing a successful business card. What is a successful business card you ask? Simply put, one that generates clients. Read more

13 Simple Time Management Tips to Give You a Flying Start

Happy Labor Day!

And in the spirit of celebrating our country’s social and economic achievements we are going to put graphic and web design advice to the side for today and focus on the most important hurdle every working adult struggles with.

Time management is something I have struggled with for a long time since starting a business. Some days I worked so much I barely slept or didn’t sleep at all. And some days I was so stressed I decided to unwind by taking an entire day’s break. The next day I would freak out with how much work I missed and I overworked myself again. So the cycle went on and on.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Sure success requires lots of stress and hard work, but many people can find balance. At least enough to where they can get a good night sleep.

Thankfully, over the past couple of months I’ve practiced some simple but life-changing tips, and my productivity has increased enormously with less sleep deprivation and stress. Even though some of the tips are obvious, I advise you to take each one seriously. It can be the difference between success in life and failure.

Tip#1 Set Specific Work Hours and Stick to It

I set my work hours from 9am – 7pm, Monday-Saturday. I know not everyone can dedicate that amount of time to work. Some people have kids or school. But as long as you set specific hours, it will be much easier for the brain to separate “work “from “home”.

Read more

3 Vital Elements of Effective Website Design

There are soooo many websites floating around in the World Wide Web, 876,812,666 to be exact, according to Netcraft.  With this much competition, it’s vital to make sure your website is designed to produce desired results. I would say in most cases, websites exist to generate leads for a business. But so with so many poorly designed websites, many people are actually hurting their business. Many elements you think are cute fun or “unique”  on your website, are probably very annoying and might cause visitors to leave your site too quickly.

Every business owner or individual should know if his or her website is effective and designed to optimize the desired results. So I have decided to make this job easy for you. Below is a comprehensive list of 3 elements that every effective website should have (or not have).

#1 Color

I am mentioning this because many people use background or font colors on their websites that can make it difficult or even painful to read. For example:  a jet black background with bright red or yellow font. Not good. Dark backgrounds can be cool but should be designed carefully as to not make visitors uncomfortable.

#2 Simplicity

A web designer should not be afraid of negative space. Sometimes that allows the eyes to rest while finding anchor text.  You don’t want your visitor’s eyes to land on too many objects, people want to go to a website an immediately know where to click to find the desired information. It can be a contact form, gallery, about, etc. Using more than one main menu, in my opinion, is also ineffective. Users do not want to have an overload of options which will just lead to inertia. Simplicity is key.

#3 User Friendliness

You want your prospective customers to be able to use your site with ease. When you make users work too much, they just quit. I know I do. For example, if you want people to create an account on your website. Keep the form short. Do not introduce them to a page with 15+ fields to complete. I will go a step further, using facebook or social media as an alternative sign-in method is the best. No hassle and you can obtain more information about who your clients are. Mobile friendliness is also part of user friendliness. Most websites today are being viewed through a mobile or tablet device. You want to make sure your mobile site is easy to navigate, fast and well designed.

These are only 3 of dozens of elements an effective website should have. Because I think this is so vital to a business. I will be creating a complimentary e-book on this subject shortly for all my clients.



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