August 12, 2019

12 Research-Backeded Web Design Tips: Design That Works

Nowadays, it is easy to see the number of visitors on a website. Every marketer knows how much traffic is getting attracted to the website – and you can see it as well by using Analytics. But, the creative part comes next. So, giving advice for driving traffic is easy, but when it comes to web design tips – things can be a bit challenging. This is because there are so many factors involved in web design that capturing everything on one website is nearly impossible. Even some the best site covers a few factors from the complete list.

Here is a list of 12 top-ranked design tips for generating more value from every single visitor. Most of these tips are backed by thorough research and can be even used by beginners, small business, and big enterprise. By using the tips, you can make your website beautiful, and convert visitors and get more value from everyone of those hard-earned visitors.

1.  Visual Hierarchy: First thing first, every page has a visual hierarchy. Do you know about it? A visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement, size, color, and contrast of visual elements. So, it is used to determine the relative prominence and the other in which the human eye sees them. A web designer uses visual hierarchy in a way to guide a visitor’s attention to important element first. This website layout might include the position, for example, high or low on the page, it an include – sizes which can be big or small, visual for example video, images, icons and contrast( the color and white space). By simply combining the aspects multiplies their effects, for example, everywhere you can see a massive video high on the page. The visual hierarchy is the reason why your eyes follow a certain path on every page you visit on the internet. You can use visual hierarchy to guide visitor’s attention through a series of a message which can be a call to action as well.

2.  Focused Headlines: Next tip is about using headline on the top of the homepage. The headline on the page should be descriptive so that visitors quickly know that they are in the right place. It also allows using an essential target phrase which indicates relevance. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers write something bright, but it becomes vague – so clear is always better than clever.

3.  Call to Action: Perhaps your visitors may spending more time on the website by it doesn’t mean they are ready to take actions. Therefore a lot of persuasions happen in farther down the page. It is highly recommended to put the call to action farther down the page where its interest is likely to be high.

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4.   Tall Pages: You might want to answer the question, perhaps address objection or add supportive evidence. In case the visitors do not find an answer to an important question, then they will keep moving down the page. So, once they are satisfied, they will stop reading. The problem with the short page is that it does not answer many questions. On the other hand, a tall page can address everything.

5.   One Thing at a Time: Whether you go for a modern design or a professional one – no one like clutter. People like whitespace and low visual complexity. The role of visual complexity and prototypically works towards understanding aesthetic judgments.

6.   Standard Layout: Believe it or not but high prototypically also correlates with perceived beauty. So, in other words, weird is not usually pretty. It is important that your website follows standards – it will help your visitors to think well about your brand. A standard layout includes:-

a.    Logo on the top

b.    Horizontal navigation

c.     A search bar at the top

d.    Social icons at the bottom

e.    Mobile responsive design

7.   False Bottom: One factor to beware of is – false bottom. Modern marketing websites, especially the sale pages, are now built with page block. They have rows of content and often an image on one side and text on other and the page kind of flows down to a single column. This template is called a lead generation layout. To be safe, be deliberate when selecting background colors for page blocks.

8.   Avoid Rotating Sliders: The carousels and rotating slider have been popular for years- millions of people love them but, the problem is with homepage slideshow. Most of the time, only one slide is visible on the homepage. So, what to do instead?

a. Stack the slides, so that visitors can easily see each slide by a simple scrolling down the page.

b. Use a featured image and keep the most impactful slide as the cover

c. Provide a call to action

9.   Avoid Tabs: Another way to take things out of hiding is simply by avoiding tabs – you can make content more visible by keeping them all exposed. The thing to remember here is that scrolling is faster and easier than clicking.

10. Use People Pictures: Faces can be a part of uniquely powerful imagery. This is because, from the time we are born, we gaze at faces more than anything else. Every look as a magnetic power that can be useful in web designing. Millions of marketers use their pictures to connect with their visitors.

11. Avoid Stock Photos: Traditionally stock photos where trending, but today it is better to avoid the stocks by rather you can go for photographs of real people.

12. Use Visual Cues: You can use faces to guide the attention- you can also use hands and arrows to give more insights to the visitor’s attention.

The Bottom Line

As discussed earlier, including all the factors in one website is nearly impossible. But, you can use the tips to make your website attractive, informative, and catchy. Another important factor to include is careful linking. Linking is the latest trend, and it can increase your page visibility and domain authority. With careful linking, you can help the visitor to reach their goals.  

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