August 5, 2019

9 Free Tips To Design Your Perfect Business Logo

Designing a logo can be an overwhelming experience; on the other hand, it can take quite a number of hours and energy to create a perfect logo.  Do you agree? A sound logo can bring forward a dramatic change in business and how your client connects to it? In the end, how the customer interacts with your business, aka User experience is all that matters for running a successful business.

Logo designing and creating is a simple process – draw a circle and put your business or company name – that is it! But, you and I both know that it is not that simple. Unfortunately, you are not going like the logo, which is not impactful or connects easily to your customer base. There are quite a lot of people that can design a logo nowadays. Logo design industry today is making crappy logos in bulk just for crowd sourcing sites. So, knowing and selecting from a crowd of Logo design services in Miami is crucial. Here, check out nine solid tips to get the best services and a perfect logo for your business. So, here we go!

1. Use a Visual Double: Some of the outstanding logos in the world utilize a secret technique named as visual double.  A visual double is a fancy way to say that a logo has two pictures wrapped into one – that make a clever interpretation of a concept of business or business idea, for example, the logo of Amazon. The logo strength comes from its simplicity – Amazon uses an arrow pointing from A to Z, which describe itself that Amazing offers everything you could need.

 2. Color Is Vitally Important: Another most important consideration for a logo design is the color palette. Many businesses overlook the importance of color – but color carries meaning and communicates ideas. Some logo has to be careful with the colors while others have the freedom to explore. The color grabs the customer and pulls it toward your business. That being said, remember that a good logo is versatile and functional.

3. Avoid the Cliche: So, every now and then you might come across new trending which might suggest you to jump on just to keep with the times. It is highly recommended to study logo design before recreating your old logo design. You should know what is good or bad about a logo. Remember the basic archetype is used again and again in a logo so why not to design that can be actually useful?

4. Make It Ownable: If you don’t believe in making a logo ‘ownable’ is for real then perhaps it’s time to change a bit. Nevertheless, the concept is definitely important but you can use a little bit of marketing as well. Rather just following the hear or using a cliché design – you can strive for something really unique, for example, the logo of “Ever note”. It is really just an elephant head – nothing unique there however, how it’s truck curl and page fold in the ear makes it instantly recognizable.

5. The Custom Type: Everyone loves custom type logos. Customization gives your logo a unique feel. Most of the time, logo design is simply a company’s name in amazing fonts. Custom type helps to ensure that your uniqueness stays as it is. The low-life designer can rip-off your uniqueness within seconds, and custom logo requires some real-skills, for example, the awesome Coca-cola logo.

6. Keep it Simple: One of the essential and mostly overlook is – keeping it simple. Not everyone can make a beautiful logo, and just because you are a designer, it doesn’t mean that you’re an awesome illustration as well. But, fear not in such cases remembers three golden words- keep it simple, for example, the logo of Nike.

7. Consider Proportion and Symmetry: As discussed earlier, making a logo can overwhelm anyone. To put in other words it is easy to get carried away with the design.

8. The Negative Space:  Along the same line of visual double, there is another trick called the use of negative space. One of an industry-standard example of this technique can be seen in FedEx logo. Many people see the FedEx logo daily yet they never see the arrow.

9. Passive vs. Active: Lastly, on the amazing facet of the logo design is the concept of instilling motion or a sense of activity into a logo. It is not always appropriate, for example, apple logo but sometimes it can really give your logo the boost it needs, for example, the Twitter logo.

The Bottom Line

In every good logo, there is a story which is far beyond a sketch. Strong logos are filled with meaning both hidden and obvious. Now you can use these logo tips for designing your own logo.

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