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6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

Search Engine Marketing is an internal part of content optimization strategies. SEO or search engine optimization is essential. You have to optimize so that you can provide the best user experience. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world face challenges when it comes to SEO. Often the factors of optimization are overlooked, and SEO is performed without taking the audience into account.

It is a bit tricky to perform SEO since the target audience differs from one blog to another.  It is essential to perform ‘ blog engineering,’ and to deploy the optimization steps. Here is a list of tip and tricks. You can use these tricks while performing optimization.

Quick Tip: It is virtually impossible to hit all the factors in one blog post. It is highly recommended to choose a list of factor and then implement the chosen one.

Here is a list:-

1. Know Your Audience: First thing first, you have to get your niche and your audience correct. This is exactly where many people fail since it is not an easy step to take. When you start first, it is tough for sure. In such case always encourage a niche that increases interaction between yourself and your audience. Always, have a call-to-action for your readers. Make comment with suggestion and give opinions and take user experience to the next level. What is the importance of this step? If you can really foster the culture that involves the audience, then it will help you in the long run, and your reader will also feel appreciated. On a special occasion, you can include a survey, to not be pushy or sound “salesy.” Your audience is willing to give you their time, and this means you should not waste it on meaningless self-promotion. To put in other words, do the stuff that your audience cares about.

2. Optimize Loading Time: Next on the list is yet another one of the commonly overlooked a factor – The loading speed. You have to optimize your loading time or die alone. This is especially for blog owners and writers. Since they aren’t tech-savvy – it is easy to miss out on this factor. You should always optimize your blog loading time and design so that it looks perfect on mobile devices as well as on computer/laptops. As per a report from Amazon, they saw an increase in revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improved loading time. Why is not too hard now? This is because they are a lot of plug-in and third-party services that can help you increase the Page Speed. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to understand where the majority of your audience is located. Nowadays, you can easily find a lot about your target demographic by merely using Google Analytics.  It is a fact that more than 80% of the user now navigates online using a smart phone on day to day basis, and again, your website plug-in should be optimized for the traffic.

3. Make It Simple and Easy: So, there is a bunch of awesome plug-in that can really help you. You can use them as tools to in this SEO adventure and no-doubt they will definitely help you to implement good on-page SEO practices. Here is a list of features; if your plug-in supports them, then it is the plug-in that is going to save your life.

a. Focus Keywords:  You can optimize the keywords for your page. This feature will allow you to check your content thoroughly. And, will make sure that there are enough keywords and on the right location. 

b. Keyword Density: This shows the number of time a search item shows up in text in relation to the number of words it contains.

c. Categories: It allows you to select the main and/or the sub-categories.

4. User Experience: Yes, it matters, and it’s the only thing that matters. Keyword research is essential, and it doesn’t end here. The next thing which is quite remarkable is that you should be aware of modern search engine algorithms. Nowadays, they are turning more and more toward user experience. To put, in other words, Google is looking more into how long visitors actually stay on a blog page.  And, on the other hand, how many pages they go through. In a nutshell, this means the whole process is much more natural and easier nowadays.

5. Long-Tail Keywords: Everyone knows about the story of long tail keywords. There are more specific and longer sentence than the length of commonly used keywords. Here is an example, in case you are writing an article, and you have to include a keywords “car insurance” then try to build your keyword as “cheap car insurance near me”.  This is easy and relatively simple if you know your niche and your audience.

6. Write Comfortably: Last, but not least, your writing style should be suited to your audience. More importantly, it should be something that you are comfortable with. Knowing your limitation helps, and you can always work around them. When you improvise to adapt the changing style with ease, it gives more power to you. Remember, brevity is the key.

The Bottom Line

So, in case you want to be a fantastic blog writer then you here is one sacred rule for you that you must follow – It is not about you, everything is about your audience.  Sometimes it can be a bit technical too and performing SEO could be a tedious task but attracts the user, and you can easily get super fresh remarkable page view. Lastly, remember the word ‘quality.’

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