March 20, 2016

3 Vital Elements of Effective Website Design

There are soooo many websites floating around in the World Wide Web, 876,812,666 to be exact, according to Netcraft.  With this much competition, it’s vital to make sure your website is designed to produce desired results. I would say in most cases, websites exist to generate leads for a business. But so with so many poorly designed websites, many people are actually hurting their business. Many elements you think are cute fun or “unique”  on your website, are probably very annoying and might cause visitors to leave your site too quickly.

Every business owner or individual should know if his or her website is effective and designed to optimize the desired results. So I have decided to make this job easy for you. Below is a comprehensive list of 3 elements that every effective website should have (or not have).

#1 Color

I am mentioning this because many people use background or font colors on their websites that can make it difficult or even painful to read. For example:  a jet black background with bright red or yellow font. Not good. Dark backgrounds can be cool but should be designed carefully as to not make visitors uncomfortable.

#2 Simplicity

A web designer should not be afraid of negative space. Sometimes that allows the eyes to rest while finding anchor text.  You don’t want your visitor’s eyes to land on too many objects, people want to go to a website an immediately know where to click to find the desired information. It can be a contact form, gallery, about, etc. Using more than one main menu, in my opinion, is also ineffective. Users do not want to have an overload of options which will just lead to inertia. Simplicity is key.

#3 User Friendliness

You want your prospective customers to be able to use your site with ease. When you make users work too much, they just quit. I know I do. For example, if you want people to create an account on your website. Keep the form short. Do not introduce them to a page with 15+ fields to complete. I will go a step further, using facebook or social media as an alternative sign-in method is the best. No hassle and you can obtain more information about who your clients are. Mobile friendliness is also part of user friendliness. Most websites today are being viewed through a mobile or tablet device. You want to make sure your mobile site is easy to navigate, fast and well designed.

These are only 3 of dozens of elements an effective website should have. Because I think this is so vital to a business. I will be creating a complimentary e-book on this subject shortly for all my clients.


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